Snetterton 300
Snetterton 300 Snetterton 300 Snetterton 300 Snetterton 300

Snetterton 300 is an open circuit in England and has hosted several of championships including the Formula Three Championship. For fans of auto sports, we have created a sculpture with perfect details in accordance with the shape of the track.

This masterpiece is an ideal candidate for your art collection and can be placed with your showpieces too. The Snetterton 300 sculpture is just the gift you want to give your racing fans. The sculpture is made with a 30 mm high-quality material and has a tough and durable build quality.

The Snetterton 300 sculpture depicts the perfect artwork. The sculpture comes in 3 different sizes given below:

·         50 cm

·         70 cm

·         1 m

The lavish look of this exotic sculpture is further increased with the final finishing touches of either black finish or carbon fibre finish based on your choice. If you want some other design, then feel free to tell us, because we also do custom designs on requests.