Single Coaster - Carbon Fibre

With the evolution of arts and decorations, you should change some of your old decorative pieces too, including your old coasters. Because with our coasters you can now save your tables and enjoy the famous artwork of the some of the historical tracks in the history. This single Carbon Fibre coaster will provide you with a perfectly textured art to change your mood to light and happy.

An art fan like you need this single coaster for your table. The track is printed on this exotic black finished coaster with close preciseness and detailing leaving your guests in astonished. The coaster is made with our unique and premium quality laminated Birch Ply which is 10 mm thick and is hand finished.

The single Carbon Fibre is resistant to heat and water. You can choose the print on the coaster from a variety of tracks based on your preference. Select the drop-down menu to select your track.

The coaster in the Black finish is also available, and you also buy a set of coasters.