Laguna Seca Clock
Laguna Seca Clock Laguna Seca Clock Laguna Seca Clock Laguna Seca Clock

The lovers of both motorcycle race and auto racing must have this clock. And to provide you with a clock which not only tells you the time but also reminds you of the one of the best racing track in the United States, the Laguna Seca.

Our primary focus is to capture and preserve the details of this great track to give you a perfect decorative piece for your home or to give to your loved ones. The material used in this clock is highly durable and has a high-quality build.

The Laguna Seca Clock has a noticeable size of 30cm and to enhance its features; we have also done the double lamination of 30mm especially engineered premium quality Birch Ply. The Laguna Seca Clock comes in different types of colors for you to choose, including:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Orange
  • Gold

 We have further detailed the Laguna Seca Clock into having a premium look by adding finish to it; you can choose the finish between Dominating Black and Carbon Fibre. If you want some other design, then feel free to tell us, because we also do custom designs on requests.