Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca Laguna Seca Laguna Seca Laguna Seca

The paved road racing track of Laguna Seca for both auto racing and motorcycle racing is a place of interest and attraction for racing fans. The Laguna Seca track is based in the United States. To keep the track alive forever in your memory, we have a sculptor of it with close detailing.

The Sculpture can be used for both decoration or gifting purposes. Because of its luxurious quality, it will be a perfect collectible for your artwork collection.

The Laguna Seca sculpture is made from 30 mm high-class material and can last long without fading away. The sculpture comes in three different sizes for you to choose. The sizes of the sculpture are:

  • 50 cm
  • 70 cm
  • 1 m

To enhance the lavishness of the sculpture we also add finishing touches to it, and you can choose the finish between dominating black and pure luxurious Carbon Fibre finish.

If you want some other design, then feel free to tell us, because we also do custom designs on requests.