Goodwood Clock
Goodwood Clock Goodwood Clock Goodwood Clock Goodwood Clock

The historic track for both two wheeled and four wheeled racing has gained some popularity over the past few years, and that’s why we preserved its shape into a lavish clock which is a perfect work of art with close detailing.

The Goodwood Clock is specially designed to enhance the decorative measures of a home and is an ideal gift for your friends. The clock is made with durable quality material and has a size of 30 cm.

The Goodwood Clock is manufactured with a double lamination of 30 mm especially engineered premium quality of Birch Ply. Although the clock looks perfect in every color, you can choose the color of your preference from the range of colors given below:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Orange
  • Gold

To provide a natural and enhanced look to the Goodwood Clock, we also provide two types of finishes for you to choose, the first one is dominating Black finish and the second one is a Carbon Fibre finish.

If you want some other design, then feel free to tell us, because we also do custom designs on requests.