Full Carbon Coaster
Full Carbon Coaster Coaster Set of 4 - Complete Carbon Fibre Coaster Set of 4 - Complete Carbon Fibre


Are you looking for something to decorate your dining table? And finding everything unattractive and far from art? Then our Coaster set in complete carbon fibre is just the decorative piece you need on your table. The coasters are carved with the famous racing tracks around the world.

You can select the track according to your preference. The coaster is made with 100% carbon fibre. This set of carbon coasters is hand finished and perfectly detailed with close precision according to the shape of the tracks.

The exotic look of these coasters will enhance your table with a luxurious piece of art which will amaze to whoever visits you. You can also gift this coaster for your loved ones and receive a lot of thanks from them. The delicate but outlandish looking set of 4 carbon coasters are resistant to water and heat.

Please click on the drop-down menu to select the track you want to be printed. The set of coasters is also available in exotic carbon fibre finish.